• Suhail

    To run a profitable eCommerce in India, you need to have the COD option always open, or you are sure to loose the customers. I am not sure, what alternatives can we come up with, which would be beneficial for buyers and sellers both, but i would like to suggest if someone can come up with option like Square payments https://squareup.com. That would surely be a boost for the business and something even the consumers will love.

    • Prabhjot Rooprai

      For eCommerce, your suggested option would actually be a costly proposition since they will have to pay fees to the credit card companies. COD would still be the preferred option as they can then offer better prices to the end customer. Square works in the western world, and that too primarily for small brick and mortar businesses, because the society has moved to plastic money to a large extent and usually don’t carry much cash.

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  • Santosh Singh

    thank you very much sir…

    • prateekpanda

      Pleasure :)

  • A V Rahul

    Nice article. Captures a lot of aspects on C-O-D.

    To extend the thoughts, some incentives to make online payments can be:

    1. Discounts on online payment (some websites have started this offering 5-7% flat discount on online payment)

    2. Guaranteed Faster delivery if payment mode is online

    3. Make them aware about mother nature and how online payment reduces paperwork (this may not work always :D)

    I specially liked the point that any new entrant in eCommerce needs to have C-O-D and with time, the trust can be utilized to convert C-O-D to online payment.

    One of the concept of Kano Model fits aptly here. According to it, a new feature in a product or service may start as a ‘delight’ for customers but with time, customers may get used to it and then it becomes ‘must have’ for them. After this, whenever a similar product/ service is launched, the ‘must have’ features definitely need to be present. The same is case with C-O-D in eCommerce.

    Thus, C-O-D is here to stay !

  • srila ramanujam

    if could use for a couple months and then pay, that too would be welcome here, somehow buying is still in the sceptical mode, much to the agony of the sellers eternally waiting for payment to be collected.
    But on the same token must mention that, the last 2 online buys had me totally bought out on the customer service !! One Company actually sent an sms couple hrs before the actual delivery took place, a great service I thought.
    And another Company, sent a few bonus interesting quips on their “Thank You” message, post-delivery, again an intangible but a very qualitative value-add to the buying experience…..they’d capture their target market just based on customer service I thought!

  • Manish

    Would like to know which companies would be good for COD service for startups.

  • Darshit Mulani

    It’s true yesterday I ordered on E-bay it was cheap so I ordered via NetBanking and today simillar product on FLipkart got huge price decrease around 1600 on sale! wow so I ordered product from Flipkart immediately but I now fear that E-bay will return my money or not. :/

  • Sunny

    Very informative Prateek, I have been a reader of your blog for some time now all your content is very well researched and provide great insight to the readers. Carry on the good work, I saw squareup listed here and found another http://bit.ly/1z1Oybb maybe a comparison of services next time :)

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