Quality better than Quantity? Pipe app lets you get better connections


Don’t you feel at times, after all these social networks got popular and you made more than 1000 friends on Facebook and could boast about it, that you do not really talk to all of them, right? No one does. But is that good?

I feel many a times if I could stay in touch with all of them, but that seems so difficult do to. And this obviously does not include the people whom you meet everyday at work or otherwise. I am talking about those people whom you haven’t interacted with in ages. Wouldn’t it be special to get in touch with them after a long time?

This is something Pipe, the app helps you achieve. The idea behind the app is basic and simple — it sifts through your social graph and encourages you to get in touch with one person on your list.

The app finds a person, shows some of their basic details, including their social networking identities and offers a plain and simple box to write and send them messages. You can email them, or send them messages via Twitter or LinkedIn. If you don’t want to connect with them today, you can tell the service to remind you later. Or you can simply ignore someone forever and the system will banish them to social networking hell. Pipe is working on Facebook integration, so for now you need a LinkedIn account to use it.

The app is in alpha stage and if  you do end up trying, leave a comment or suggestion here. It is their effort to make us more social and I hope we can appreciate that.