Anonymous faces fail to show up


Internet activists ‘Anonymous’ call to demonstrate  against  ‘growing censorship of internet by the government’ in the country evoked poor response in all the cities where protest were held on June 9.

As planned Anonymous supporters gathered in many places in 16 cities which included Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh but could not make any impact. In Delhi only around 50 demonstrators could be seen. They all came wearing ‘Guy Fawkes’ masks.

In an open letter the group warned the government of India against internet censorship calling it a war.

“ It has come to our attention that you have blocked file sharing websites in India. We also know you are in the process of making a Great Indian Firewall, to censor the internet in India”, the group said.

Earlier in the day, Anonymous attacked the websites of CERT-In and government of India, though later in the day, the portals became operational.

“ and are our targets was down till afternoon. We will be hitting it again after today’s protests,” the group said.