iOS 6: Most Features Not Compatible With iPhone 3GS and 4


Apple has revealed that the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 will not be getting all of the new features that are coming with the brand-new Maps app in iOS 6 announced this week. Most notably, the older devices will not get the turn-by-turn directions and the nifty 3D flyover features that Apple was proudly displaying during yesterday’s presentation of the new operating system.

It is even worse for owners of the iPhone 3GS. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the Apple’s iOS 6 page that says, “Not all features are available on all devices.” It goes on to list off the features that aren’t compatible with the iPhone 3GS, including turn-by-turn directions in Maps, Siri (obviously), shared Photo Stream, FaceTime over cellular network, VIP List, Offline Reading List and the iPhone Hearing Aids.

Meanwhile, 2010’s iPhone 4 won’t be able to use the FaceTime video calling feature over cellular networks, unlike the iPad 2, new iPad, and iPhone 4S.

Although it makes sense because after 3 years of being launched, who is still using the 3GS? It is still some good news for those who grabbed a cheap one recently that at least they will get an update. Probably Apple was kind enough to give that much.