HTC Admits To More Faults With One X Model


Earlier this year, there were complaints to do with the poor finishing of the exterior body of the HTC One X which led to the color fading. At the time, HTC promised to replace customer handsets with that problem. This issue was slowly followed by complaints that the HTC One X was more aggressive than usual when it came to closing background apps. HTC acknowledged this and said it was for the benefit of users as it improved battery life, much to the dismay of power users.

HTC One X now has WiFi issues

Now according to Electronista, HTC have made a statement to AndroidCentral acknowledging that they know about Wi-Fi connectivity problems on the HTC One X. Apparently the issue stems from the production process of the device and HTC say they are making an effort to prevent any future One X handsets having the same problem.

Reports online started coming in last week regarding the Wi-Fi related problems. The issues ranged from the battery of the handset draining fast to the phone being incapable of connecting to Wi-Fi. Owners of the phone were told to test their handsets by squeezing the back of the device in the space between the volume buttons and the camera lens. If users saw an increase and then fall off in the strength of Wi-Fi, it indicated a design flaw.

HTC have said the problem is isolated, although they gave no information to the prevalence of the problem, and are advising those affected to return their devices. The issue with Wi-Fi is just one of the setbacks the device has seen. The handset was initially held back at customs while it was determined whether the phone complied with import ban restrictions.