Making Electric Currents Visible [Video]


A research group in Kobe University’s Graduate School of Science, led by Associate Professor Kenji Kimura, has developed a magnetic imaging device that makes electric currents visible. The device will go on sale in summer 2012.

“This device gives a picture showing where electric currents are flowing in a circuit. In some cases, we’ve actually converted the images to measurements. When you charge a battery, electricity accumulates inside, and using this device, you can see where it accumulates. When a battery’s been used for a long time, it ages, and it can’t be charged anymore. This device shows where inside the battery is damaged and can’t be charged. You can do diagnostics, like with X-rays and MRI in hospitals, but for batteries instead. That’s the kind of device we’re actually presenting here.”

[youtube id=”wCKqDm2uleU” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


Via: DigInfo