Can Bing Knock Out The Champ? [Infographic]


If you ever decide to play a little game of word association, and someone says “search on the Internet“, the chances are you will immediately reply “Google”.  “To Google” has become the everyday verb for searching online, due to the site’s near-total dominance in the search industry.  But I say “near-total” because one search engine, despite operating at a loss, is making themselves a continual irritant, and an obstacle to Google’s aim of total Internet domination.  That search engine is of course Microsoft’s Bing.

The constant attempts to one-up each other means that they are constantly innovating, and that is good for the end user (that’s you by the way).  But with all the changes that occur on both sites, which search engine is actually the best?  Is Bing really the hopeless underdog or do they have a huge trump card that could upset the proverbial apple cart? That’s the subject of today’s infographic, which looks at each site’s search features.