TED Conferences Launches TED Books And The TED Books App To Spread Great Ideas


TED Conferences, through its original online videos “The TED Talks”, has become known as a platform for discussions on innovative ideas. Recently, they have launched an ebook series known as TED Books. The goal of the non-profit organization remains the same – spread great ideas and foster discussions around them.

TED Books are short electronic books that will be released every two weeks. The length of the books has been designed for quick consumption – of about 10,000-15,000 words and most can be read in a single sitting. TED calls them ‘mind grenades’ and they are meant to be direct, informative, and persuasive. The eBooks are also designed to give full expression to an idea with images, audio, video, social features, and other resources.

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The TED Books are available for the Kindle and Nook platform and at the iBookstore. To cater to the iOS crowd, a new application has also been launched. The TED Books application is a free download from iTunes and gives you the full multimedia experience on your Apple device which may not be available on the Kindle, iBook and Nook versions.

With the new TED Books application, you can also save on your subscription cost. Each eBook separately is $2.99 each on the platforms. With the TED Books App, you can subscribe for three months at $14.99 and receive six books for the price of five.