Quad-core Sony Xperia Tablet Leaks With Surface-style Keyboard $450 Price Tag


The successor to the Sony Tablet S has been leaked through what seem to be internal slides on German news site Mobiflip. The slides reveal a thinner, lighter, and more powerful tablet that refines the Tablet S’ folded-magazine aesthetic. The new device will apparently be branded simply as the ‘Xperia Sony Tablet.’ It’ll arrive with a number of improvements over its predecessor, including a Tegra 3 processor; Android 4.0 “or later;” 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of internal storage; 3G connectivity; and a larger 6000mAh battery good for 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing. Sony says the Xperia tablet’s 8.8mm-thick splash-proof aluminum shell is 42 percent thinner than the Tablet S’.

Also of interest is a keyboard cover which will undoubtably remind many of the keyboard revealed with Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Sony’s vision for the accessory is a little different, however — it seems to wrap around the entire tablet, and folds at the back to negate the need for a kickstand. It’s something between Microsoft’s implementation and Apple’s Smart Cover iPad accessory. A slide titled “tentative suggested retail prices” gives the keyboard cover a estimated retail price of $99.99. Pricing for the tablet itself is pegged at $449.99 for the 16GB model, $549.99 for the 32GB, and $649.99 for the 64GB, which neatly undercuts the equivalent iPads by $50 at each storage point.



There are a number of other accessories detailed in the slides including the keyboard-less carrying cover ($59.99) and premium cover ($79.99), which come in a range of colors, a cradle ($39.99), docking stand ($99.99), simple stand ($24.99), and dock speaker ($119.99). One thing that the leaked images don’t reveal is a release date for the tablet or accessories, but given the Tablet S was released in Q3 2011, it’s not too difficult to imagine Sony sticking to a 12-month update cycle. Head on over to source link below to check out all of the slides, which include detailed specs and photos for many of the accessories.

Via: The Verge