Download Them All with DownThemAll Firefox Addon


DownThemAll (or dTa) is a free Mozilla Firefox extension.  It is essentially a download manager, with advanced accelerator. It lets you download all the links or images contained in a webpage, while letting you decide what you want to download with fully customizable criteria.

Once the firefox add-on is installed,a right click will show two context menus – “DownThemAll!” and “dTaOneClick!”. If it’s your first time – “DownThemAll” will open up ‘Select links’ window which will enable you to select the type of files you want to download. Active filters can be set, and renaming mask can be used to create a totally different file name from the source files downloaded. All the selected files will be queued, and will start downloading. The priority can be changed in the queue, and we can set preferences such that dTa asks the user before overwriting the files. Once the filters are set, dTaOneClick! can be used to download files, on many different webpages opened using the previously determined settings.

From the Select Links window,Preferences are accessible which provides lot of options to the end user. One interesting thing is, it lists the extensions it looks at for each type recognized. You can add new extensions if you wish. The default list looks quite extensive though.


The add on currently available for Firefox and Seamonkey. The developers have no plans to make it available for Chrome. If you have lot of files to download, this is a very handy app. Use it, and let us know your feedback in comments.