Apple Can Sell 250 Million iPhone 5’s




Analysts are going gaga for Apple’s iPhone 5, predicting a tremendous sales boost of 250 Million when the handset arrives this year.

“We expect the iPhone 5 … has the potential to generate the most promising device upgrade cycle in Apple’s history,” Berger said.

“We estimate that Apple should sell 250 million iPhone 5 units at an average, generating nearly $144 billion in revenue, $77 billion in gross profit, and $47 billion in net income.”

Apple has said they have sold more than 365 Million devices as on date and that the 250 million mark should not be a problem.

The new iPhone is said to have significant changes compared to the older models which will bring in a new 4 inch screen, new headphone slot and various other features.

The key point of sales depends on overseas sales coming from China and India. These two countries being their BIG markets, Apple must certainly launch the phone in these countries in early 2013 if they have to reach the 250Million mark.

Before any of this could happen, Apple actually needs to announce a date for release of its iPhone. The date is tentatively sometime in September, but Apple needs to confirm that yet.