ReadQuick: Mobile App to Aid Rapid Reading

ReadQuick mobile app

ReadQuick is a new app for the Apple iPhone that aims to develop and improvise reading speed. The App has been introduced for iTunes and iPads iOS 5 and above.

Often people fumble over the time required to read through a material and grasp things equally fast. It is important for one to understand and register as one continues reading. So speedy reading actually involves both increase in the number of words covered and the understanding speed. It is well designed to address to both of these.

ReadQuick mobile app

It’s a wonderful app to develop and improvise reading speed. Since school one would’ve often been subjected to reading exercises which actually on practice would aid in increasing the speed of reading. It is well designed to do it in an orderly manner. One can get some extracts from Instapaper or any other similar app and there is a default speed set for the app in the beginning as 250 w.p.m (words per minute). One can then slowly and steadily increase the speed  up to around 800-850 w.p.m. The user is also at ease with the usage because it’s pretty simple. One needs to double tap the screen to pause and the same to continue reading.

Every article picked for a read has an estimated time set accordingly. The App has a track of what has been read and also the speed statistics respectively. This way one can assess self and improvise accordingly. The extracts one finishes reading can be shared although the statistics and results cannot really be shared.

The design of the app is rather too subtle. From the logo to the interface, it’s plain black and white. But as the tool is well designed for the purpose, the rest can be overseen. You can download this app from here. It is priced at a modest $.3.99.