Hurricane Tracker – A Mobile App That is Cause Based


When the world’s busy concentrating on user experience with mobile apps, ones that address to bigger and more needful concerns should definitely be, brought to light. Such apps are the Hurricane Tracker (iOS) and Hurricane Hound (Android).It provides the complete details of threat level with maps, audio and video forecast updates, real-time feeds and alerts. At launch one can view the following:

  • Hurricanes
  • tropical storms
  • tropical depressions

All above are robust with the “quick headlines” blurb and “current systems” maps on the same page.


The commendable feature is it combines its functions with that of the iOS’s location services to show how far or near a person is from the coming hurricane. It also has warning system; satellite imaging system with gives a complete live streamed update, high resolution maps and the track of the storm all through.

The app is available on iTunes priced at a modest $2.99. There’s also the Hurricane Weather that works like a normal weather app  giving live updates every once in a while. For regions in the world that are often hit by hurricanes this might prove to be a handy. CNN has already rated this as one of the best hurricane apps designed by iPhone.

The current drawback of this is it’s restriction to users from US area. The designers are trying to launch it in other parts of the world in collaboration and cooperation of other Climate monitoring systems of the world.