GTask – A Simple Task Manager App


Mobile apps are concentrating more on UX and identifying the actual needs and demand of the hour today.

Most of us are disorganized with time and things that needs to be done on time. In childhood we had our moms to pester us and reminding us to do whatever we were supposed to be working at that moment in order to finish whatever we had been assigned. With ‘multitasking’ becoming a necessity in today’s competitive world, one seems to don the role of a super human to remember it all. Well, admitting that technology has entered our lives to ease such pressures, we would love an app that can help us with it like our moms back in our childhood.

GTask preview

GTask to-do-list
GTask to-do-list

Google’s GTasks is the new free android app that is nearly serving the purpose. Although there have been other such apps, the simplicity of this app seems to be the main punch.  It has a rich GTask client a very subtle to do list, check list and an additional notepad tool. Well as it’s a Google product, one can synchronize it with other parallel Google accounts. Ordering and prioritizing tasks in the task list of the app is also simplified by simple drag-and-drop operation. One can mark Events on the calendar directly and share too with ease. A typical and general feature of setting and repeating remainders on a daily, weekly, monthly etc. basis is also embedded in this app. One doesn’t need to fumble every time a new task is to be appended. It has a ‘Quick add’ feature by pressing the ‘Search’ key. The searching and indexing has an autocomplete option which increases the speed of searching.

In all GTasks manages to be another successfully designed app of Google with simplicity as always being the biggest strength. It can be downloaded for free from here.