Have a Question About a Tech Product? Reliance Digital’s Gadget Guru has the Answer

gadget guru

In this tech generation, many of us are lagging behind and sometimes also confused about the latest technologies and its use in our day to day life. Whether it be a question about what phone to purchase within a specific budget or what camera will serve your particular requirement, Reliance Digital’s new Facebook App called Gadget Guru is here to answer all your questions.

Reliance Digital is a Consumer Electronics, Durables, IT & Telecom retail arm of Reliance Retail Group. You must have seen numerous Reliance Digital stores in almost every major city. With this move, Reliance seems to be trying to make a mark with the online crowd as well. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are becoming more and more important for acquiring new customers, solving their issues and handling their queries more efficiently. It does help in making the process smoother for both customers and businesses.

The Gadget Guru app on Facebook has been pretty active already. We found a host of questions asked by users like, Which is the best Smartphone?,  comparisons like, Samsung or Nokia?, Cameras below Rs 10,000, and many more. There was one where even we couldn’t stop laughing, “I want a phone for free. Can you help?”. 

At the end of it all, it is a good initiative to engage more users who can be probably converted to potential customers. So, here is Reliance Digital’s Gadget Guru to bring an end to your quest for enlightenment on all things tech. Check it out.

gadget guru

  • Arpit

    want to buy a multi function laser printer and a bit confused between samsung 4321ns, dell 1135n and hp 1218 kindly suggest