Smart-Phone battles heats up!!


We are fresh from some out of the box innovative smartphone launches in the past few weeks. All vying for your attention. If you are considering to buy a smartphone this fall you would most probably end up spoilt for choices!! To catch your fantasy is iPhone 5, Lumia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8X, not to forget the best-selling Galaxy S3.

In midst all of this smart-phone manufacturers are not shy from taking pot-shots at each other. Samsung has already been the first to step on the gun with its “It doesn’t take a genius” campaign ads to show its self-proclaimed superiority from the just launched iPhone 5.

Now it has taken a step further, by keeping up the marketing pressure with the launch of a new 90-second commercial that pokes more than a little fun at the people in line waiting for the iPhone 5 to be released tomorrow. The commercial illustrates the new “lightning” connector the iPhone 5 needs an adapter to connect to all those older devices. Samsung also shows off the NFC capabilities of the Galaxy S III to transfer files and photos just by tapping two devices. It even equates buying an iPhone 5 to something your mother and father would do instead of you.

Similarly Nokia takes HTC head-on. Newly appointed EVP of Nokia Sales and Marketing, Chris Weber, took to Twitter to point out that innovation is more than applying color to your phones at the back of software enhancements that Nokia is delivering with its devices like City Lens, PureView, and Nokia Drive.

This is not a first time with Nokia, as it had criticized Samsung for the adherence to gun-metal gray finish when they unveiled the ATIV S at IFA few weeks ago.

So whats your pick gonna be among the lot!!?? Confused?? Fair enough. Just wait for hands-on then may be you can choose the best one suiting your needs. If you are an Apple FanBoy then certainly iPhone 5 is the best one yet, go grab one. If your among those who need a change this fall and want to try out a new funky OS with bright colours, then Lumia 920 and 8X are the ones for you. Or else if you like it big and want to cash in the Android bandwagon there is always the Galaxy S III waiting for you!! Ergonomic, loaded with human-like features now with 4 more colors to choose from.

So the stage is set, let the best phone win 🙂