Rise of Coding : Why We Should All Learn A Little Code [Infographic]


If you still haven’t learnt a little bit of coding, I guess you can make that your New Year resolution this year.  Most of us procrastinate due to the fact that we look upon programming code as difficult. While most can understand basic HTML, things like Javascript, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and Python can get very difficult to understand.

But it’s worth the effort to keep trying, as today’s infographic, from OnlineCollege.org, shows.  Those with knowledge of programming code can expect to be offered jobs with very attractive salaries. Google and Facebook are known for being willing to pay top dollar to retain a company’s engineers when they buy the place out.  With the world increasingly being run by computers and living on the Internet, demand will constantly stay high for those who can create websites and keep servers running.

What about you?  Are you currently learning how to code?  If so, how easy or difficult are you finding it? If you’re not learning yet, which code would you like to try to learn, and why?


Infographic Source: OnlineCollege.org