An App That’s a Bird Lovers’ Boon


Apps that attend to people’s hobbies or interests are few in number. There are umpteen numbers of interests of people nowadays which would be a great industry for mobile apps to exploit.

The BirdGuides app is one such app for bird watchers. Bird watchers often fumble with maps and information available on the internet for the information on species, nesting seasons and migratory paths of birds. Users are allowed to share their knowledge about the sightings, map it and share photos too.

Once a user enters a zone, the app gives a complete information of sightings of species provided by the ornithology department and also fellow users. The information about the species is available with photos and other relevant information. If the user spots a different bird family, the user can upload the pics and share it and get information on the same.

Currently it is available for UK and Ireland regions. The app is intended to spread to other parts of the world. Once the users share the sighting information, the data is also shared with the Ornithology department. It is freely available for download.

It works with the map apps enabling the user to get information with respect to the nearby places and filters are available for accessing the required information.