Do You Tend to Forget Things? Well, This App Will Help


As our schedules get tighter and days get busier, we are finding it harder to keep important things in memory. Technology began with the advent of alarm clocks aiding us to wake up on time. Today, a lot of steps ahead, we have mobile apps that aid us with our schedule.

Evernote is one such app that has spread like a wildfire this year because of the same reason. It has solved the forgetful and the busy users. The app attends to the biggest hurdle an individual faces in today’s fuddled life- Organization.  It allows users to organize their stuff, save ideas and improvise on efficiency. It allows the users to capture photos, note down stuff, create a list of things to do, record voice for remainders all of these also being completely and easily searchable.  It includes organizing, sharing, creating and editing of notes. It also helps in synchronizing notes in all the devices used by the users. One can email notes and save tweets in the Evernote account also.

The app has been listed among the top 10 must-have apps this year. The notes created by the user can be accessed offline also. One can use them to prepare agendas and make research notes too. One can use it to keep a track of stuff. The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

The app has successfully managed to achieve 2 things- one, to ease organizing daily tasks and two, to reduce paper litter.