DriveOff – An App For Safe Driving


A mobile app that prioritizes safety is hardly available in the app world. Mobiles are in fact considered as the ones which are one of the major causes of road accidents while driving.

DriveOff is one such app. As most of us are often distracted while driving with any kind of alerts from our phones, we often do not accept that it is wrong to do so. The app is designed in accordance with GPS. Once positioning is recognized, it recognizes a speed of 10mph movement and it automatically turns off alerts, notifications and incoming calls. It has a unique feature of displaying an uninteresting screensaver too.

This is how it works. Once movement beyond 10mph is sensed the app provides the option for the user to choose a uninteresting screensaver. Once selected it turns off all the alerts and the user can resume using by taping on the screen.

To encourage the users to continue with the good habit the app encourages by recording the time and distance of disturbance free driving.  Every time the user uses it and drives without performing any operations it records points. The user can compare the scores on the scoreboard with other users. This might achieve safe driving in a more user friendly and encouraging way.

The app is available on iTunes . It can be downloaded for free from here.