Apple Forced To Publicly Apologize In The UK For Claiming Samsung Copied The iPad


A UK judge has ruled in favor of Samsung in Apple’s appeal for its intellectual property case against the Galaxy Tab, Reuters reports. As a result, Apple will have to go through with publishing a public apology stating that Samsung did not copy its iPad.

The iPad maker will be required to post notices on its website and in newspapers. According to the report, the judge has ordered that the apology be printed with a font size of at least Arial 14.

The original ruling raised eyebrows in July after the judge found Samsung innocent partly because its designs were “not as cool” as the iPad.

Though Samsung has won a victory here in the UK, it faced a brutal defeat this summer in the US, where it was slapped with a $1.05 billion judgment for infringing on Apple’s designs and patents. Samsung is working to discredit the jury’s foreman in hopes of having the ruling overturned. Meanwhile, the two continue to battle it out in the courtroom across roughly a dozen countries.

Via: The Next Web