Lightt – Commemorating Moments With A Mobile App


Technology has so far enabled us save moments in the form of photographs. We have used many mobile apps that have enhanced photography and sharing the same with the people we love to share our moments with.  Yet human brain still seems to be much advanced than technology. A memory in our brain can be replayed anytime and a memory is like a series of pictures that is in an order.

Although many of us wished to share photos we didn’t because we weren’t arty or professionally good at it. We couldn’t enhance photos the way professionals could. Instagram came as a relief for this issue. Photo sharing got a whole new definition with Instagram. People could shoot and share anything their minds felt was unique or artistic.

Taking this a notch up, a new invitation –only app has been introduced called as ‘Lightt’. This app allows users to capture short duration video clips and converts them to something called ‘Highlights’. These are presently of a proprietary file format. These formats, like in Instagram, can be shared with people on Facebook and Twitter. So it is capturing real time quick actions like a butterly flying onto a flower and flying away, later broken down into a series of animated pictures.  This is near to a person remembering something.

One can pick the photos out of the sequence to be used for the ‘highlight’ before sharing.

The UI is pretty simple and direct so the users do not really have to fumble understanding it. The app is available for download here.