iPad Mini Accessories Out Already!


Apple has only recently announced its long expected iPad mini, but like it always happens, the accessories are already out before the shipping starts. If you want the new petite iPad and also want it to look more classy and chic, you will have a plenty of options. Here is our dig at the best iPad mini accessories you must own.

The products with a huge head start are the Otterbox’s iPad mini Defender Series and the Zagg’s iPad mini Invisible shield. They are priced reasonably at a range of $40-$60 and come with special screen guards. However, shipping in India costs more being an overseas country.

But the major head turners are the cases from a lesser known company called the X-Doria. With an even more comfortable price range between $20 and $40, X-doria boasts of a wide range of stylish covers, suitable for both men and women.

It’s a little weird how these companies have a precise idea of what Apple is going to unveil next. One of the theories says that certain major accessorizing companies get a heads-up from the company, so that there is a wide variety of stuff available once the shipment starts. However, knowing how thick the wall of secrecy of Apple is, its hard to believe. But then again, a few leaks here and a few leaks there always happen! So what then?

Well, we all know none of the major companies launch the accessories on the same day as the product launch. They generally have the pre-order period, may be so that they can know what exactly the specifications are, before they get their product out into the market. Let’s just say this business is a gamble, speculating what ‘might’ be.

Do you have a theory on how these accessory makers can have product so quickly? Also, which is your favourite case out of all? Leave a comment and fill us in!

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