Kim Dotcom Announces, The New Domain for the Upcoming Megaupload Reboot

kim dotcom

kim dotcom

Currently, redirects to The site displays a large orange button that will “change the world” on January 20th. The new service is advertised as being bigger, better, faster, stronger and safer.

Dotcom also teased on Twitter that the domain launch may have been the “biggest launch of a splash page ever”, adding that he expects the service will need as many as 60 portal servers when it goes live.

The original Megaupload attracted as many as 50 million daily visitors before it was shut down by authorities earlier this year. The takedown was timed to coincide with Dotcom’s arrest from his home in New Zealand. That raid was later ruled invalid and the country’s government is now investigating allegations of unlawful spying by its Government Communications Security Bureau.

Back in August, Dotcom offered developers early access to the API. He is also at work on Megabox, a music service that he had promised would turn up by the end of the year. Teaser videos for the service hit YouTube in September.

Via: The Next Web