iTriage – A Medical Aid App


In today’s world where stress rules most of our lives and when medical emergencies have risen in number, an app that could address to medical concerns can be of utmost use and mention worthy.

iTriage is one such app by iTunes. Basic questions like recognition of systems and where one should be headed for treating a particular medical condition are answered. The user can search for symptoms, causes for the symptoms and accordingly find the places where they can get treated for the same. It maintains a database of doctors and physicians when on recognizing the possible ailment from the symptoms the patient can head to. It works in accordance with the GPS and locates the nearest hospitals, clinics, emergency centres and doctors.  The details are also provided with average waiting time at the hospitals and clinics. Some hospitals are listed for which appointments can be set.

A personal health plan is a part of the app that maintains the history of the patient with records of visits and doctor names.

The app has been a boon for senior citizens and will prove as an effective social cause addressing app for users.

It is downloadable from iTunes.