Instructional Mobile App – HowDo


If there can be a mobile app that can aid us with performing some basic day to day activities then it could be helpful.

In the earlier days most stuff were ‘secrets’ passed only by a word of mouth or written hidden methodologies. Be it a grandma’s recipe for a dish or a company’s cost effective method of production. Thanks to technology today, you can practically find every bit of information you need about a methodology to achieve the desired results.

Although eHow and Youtube have several videos for various stuff, as a user on not finding the relevant or pleasing methodologies, you might simply not want a boring video on achieving a desired output. HowDo is one such mobile app that has attempted to work on this problem. The app helps the user create terse, specific, instructional storyboards. One can use the iPhone to capture a series of stills and add an 8-second voice for each picture and load onto app. As these are captured in bits, a viewer has the liberty to skip parts which seem unnecessary or too detailed. The app team actually does cut down on the content before they store it on the cloud.

Similar to YouTube, the viewership aids the viewer in deciding whether he wants to take the instructions provided by a particular user.