Idea Pen Paper


I am not sure if this is correct, but what I find is most of the entrepreneurs are very much similar to day dreamers. Every time something comes to their view and they start developing ideas, and even start planning. For a day dreamer, he just dreams, feels good about it and forgets. But for an entrepreneur, it creates a sense of urgency, it seems, his brain cells have started moving at a much faster rate. And whats happening is you are actually pressurizing your brain, initiating stress, and for some reason if things get delayed, it leads to more stress.

You need to keep your mind empty. Once an idea pops up in your head, write it down on a paper, immediately. I still use pen and paper for writing my tasks, to-dos, and ideas. Its not a compulsion, not everybody carries a pen and paper everywhere. But you may have some nice little note taking app on your android or iPhone, get used to it. And whenever ideas and plans spring up, write it down. This actually helps release a lot of pressure, that you initiated on your brain. Let it be empty, let it be relaxed, it already has a lot of information stored, and is continuing it further.

I have an android phone, so, if I don’t have pen and paper around with me, which happens most of the time while travelling, I use the notes app, its extremely simple. I know, there are other popular apps as well, like Evernote and Catch Notes, If you are used to something like these, that’s awesome. Its much more productive. I do love wunderlist, the interface is much user-friendly and soothing, its a task manager app, earlier, I did used to write all my tasks, to-dos, ideas, plans in it. But i found the notes app much lighter, and did the only simple thing I needed, Write-Edit-Delete, that’s it, I didn’t require the extra features, that came with wunderlist and the other similar apps.

If there’s something important, and I need to set a reminder to myself for a task, I use the phone’s inbuilt calendar, it does the job pretty well.

What do you use? If you got some good alternative for catching down ideas, plans and notes or an app on your android or iPhone, share it, share your experience and learning. Help make productivity simple and better.

photo source: edd_maccarthy