Justin Timberlake’s New Single and New MySpace Kick Off Together



Like they say, “Silence is Golden”. Maybe that is what MySpace thinks as well. MySpace this week quietly launched its redesigned site to the public. The so-called “New MySpace” was previewed in September last year and had been working on a invite-only model. This week the doors open to the masses in a move that appears to be timed with the release of Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Suit & Tie,” featuring Jay-Z.

Users can join the network at new.myspace.com, though the company’s previous URL, myspace.com, now redirects to the same page. You can also sign up through Facebook, Twitter, or your previous MySpace credentials, or simply start an entirely new account without linking any of your other social media profiles.

For those who are concerned about usability and experience, the good news is that the new redesign focuses more on music and music discovery. There’s an audio deck at the bottom of every page, where users can easily play and add songs to their queues, along with a “People” tab where you can subscribe to status updates from friends and artists.

MySpace hasn’t yet announced the launch publicly. Nonetheless, the access is open to all now. Why not give it a spin?