DealChaat – Never Miss a Delhi Deal!


Has it ever happened that you roam around for a while and pick up your pair of jeans only to find the last shop on the same line selling at 50% off? Trust me, it happens.  If I could magically know all the deals nearby, life will only be much easier. We found this wonderful app – DealChaat, and cannot wait to share with our readers.

What is it?


DealChaat is a location based last-mile smart app that helps you browse for deals around your current location. No coupons no vouchers, just the best offers. Currently in Delhi-NCR region only. Launching soon in all major cities across India.

How to download?

For Android:
For iPhone :

App for Windows Mobile Smartphone users is coming out soon.

How to use?

For the shoppers –
Once the free app is downloaded, the shopper can view the deals in all the nearby locations. He can compare the deals in one glance. Very neat categorization will help the shopper to decide on which deal to avail, saving the time.Also, entice your friends by sharing these great deals with them on social media.




For the merchants –

Once an account is opened, the merchant can decide which outlets he wants the deals to go out, and for what duration. They can also do multiple deals at multiple locations, according to their market strategy.


I did not manage to do the live test as the service is only in Delhi at the moment. However, one can easily imagine the benefits this free app brings, once you step out to a big shopping mall. Within minutes, all the deals are at your finger tips!

If you are based in Delhi, do give a try and let us know your feedback in the comments.

  • Saraswathi and Anyone else who wishes to check out the Dealchaat App – can do so even if they are not in Delhi. All you have to do after downloading the app on your smartphone is to set your current location as New Delhi ( or if you have any specific location like Greater Kailash or Nehru Place ) and choose( optional ) any radius other than the preset default radius to see all the deals around you.
    Good Luck !!