Aging Photos – Vintage Camera App


Mobile app world seems to now capture much more than just interests and hobbies of people. The app world intends to tickle the senses of the users.

Although there are innumerable players in the mobile apps that are to do with photo editing, the unique ones often make their mark. Vintage camera app is one such app. Photo editing since the advent of digital photography has had the feature of adding “Sepia” effects to bring an old, rustic feature to photos. It is different to the feature.


Once the photo is taken, one can use Vintage camera app. It gives a black and white, wrinkled effect on the photos. The conversion has a natural effect on the photos. One can get the look of a naturally dog-eared look of old abandoned photos.

It allows the user to directly upload it on to the social networking sites or also take uploaded photos and convert them to vintage ones. It allows the user to make other normal photo editing like adding frames, resizing and blurring to enhance the photo overall. The camera already allows the user to customize the photos in a number of ways.

The app is available for download on Google Play for download.