Android OS in Spain and the Country’s Love for Poker

Mobile World Congress 2012

Mobile World Congress 2012

According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s report last year, four out of five smartphones in Spain use Google Android operating system. One of the popular phone brands that utilize the Google product is Samsung Galaxy S3. The large number of people who have accepted Android only shows how vital Android is for today’s technology-dependent consumers.

In Spain, the ICT sector is one of the main areas that the government prioritizes. This is why more people are now exposed to such gadgets. People use smartphones for convenient communication at work, office, or in school. Google Android OS availability in the country just made everything easier for the Spanish public. With its fast and reliable internet access, secured information, and easy connect-and-share, everyday life became less stressful. Aside from ICT features, Google Android OS (together with Google Play) is also known for improving mobile games. Just last year, the Spanish government authorized online gambling sites to operate within the country. The game became as phenomenal as the La Liga ever since, thanks to smartphones that use Google Android OS.

The Spanish are known to be very fond of poker; even top football players are hooked on the card game. People in Spain are definitely very happy with Android coming in to existence. Online poker games are best played on phones with high-end operating systems. They are perfect to be played on phones with fast internet access, high resolution and wider screens. You can also play online poker on laptops or computers but the online poker’s top most benefit is its availability on smartphones. With that, you can play your favorite game anytime and anywhere. If you have a good smartphone you can go to sites such as Partypoker without any hassle. On this game, you will be playing against skilled people from all over the world for a chance to win cash. Make sure you have a good internet connection else it would be a disaster if you lost because of your phone’s internet. The website also has tournaments that let players qualify for the World Poker Tour, poker’s biggest stage. You’ll only get all of these through Google Android OS. You can be the best poker player that you can be through the help of Android and your smartphone.

Spain’s poker-loving community is among the happiest with Android’s services. Well, they should be. Android is not just there to elevate gaming quality but also to improve communication and people’s lives as a whole. Next month, Android will take the center stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and it is expected to again deliver new and improved features that will make smartphone owners go crazy in the coming months.


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