iPad 4 128 GB: What Apple is Aiming At?

iPad 4

As expected, Apple is unveiling its new iPad 4 and there’s almost zero chance that any sane human being should buy it!!

The new iPad 4 has a slightly improved retina display, everything else is pretty much the same as its former versions but it succeeds them in just one way: a metric crap ton of storage.   The new iPad offers such large storage that hardly any person would want from a tablet. The new iPad will cost around $800 (Rs.43,200) for Wi-Fi only and $930(Rs.50,220) for 4G!

iPad 4

It’s the 21st century now and most of your downloads and files live on Cloud storage now and not on your hard disk! That is exactly the place where Apple has been pushing people over the years.

And somehow it’s okay, Apple doesn’t expect you to buy the new iPad 4 unless you are a hi-tech professional or architect who needs to store large files of AutoCAD on the system.  And moreover the launch of the new iPad will also signify that Apple is looking to increase its product ranges to compete with Android and Windows Phone.

Like all the other iPads, these new kids will come in black and white and you could start buying them from 5th February 2013 onwards at an Apple store near you.

Without question, we always flock to grab the latest gadget every time Apple debuts one, but next time we should ask ourselves, “Do I really need this?”

Here are some interesting facts about Apple and the US market:

  • According to SquareTrade, an industry leading consumer electronics protection plan provider, a new study was released highlighting that broken or damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since their release in 2007, which is more money than Obama and Romney spent on their campaigns combined in the 2012.
  • The average American household spent $635 on Apple products in 2012, whereas $444 was spent in 2011 and only $150 when the products first debuted in 2007.

Honestly people, do think about it before you jump ahead and grab it.