Microsoft Infographic Shows Indians Averse to Changing Online Habits


5th of February was “Safer Internet Day” and Microsoft and Google have both taken steps to make the online consumers aware of online risks. Google has updated it’s “Good to know” website with tons of information that will help netizens to understand and protect themselves against various risks that are online.

Microsoft also announced the results of their annual survey – Microsoft Computing Safety Index. The survey shows that consumers do little to change their online habits in order to safeguard themselves from multiple risks.

MCSI’s total average global score was 34 (out of possible 100 points) giving a clear indication that people are still not changing their online habits.

Most Common protective measures taken by Indians

  • Behavioral: 50 percent avoid suspicious links
  • Foundational: 44 percent use a PIN to lock their device
  • Technical: 44 percent use apps from only trusted sources
  • Behavioral: 40 percent are selective about how they distribute their mobile number

Here is the infographic: