Biggest and Best Kickstarter Project So Far – Building the Death Star



If you are a Star Wars fan, I know you cannot take “No” for an answer. That’s how the biggest and the best Kickstarter project came in to being.

Although the White House denied a petition to build a Death Star, that hasn’t stopped Dark Side wannabes from taking matters into their own hands. There’s now a Kickstarter project gathering funds to build an open-source Death Star.

The project has a modest initial goal of just $30 million. That will fund initial plans and the massive amount of chicken wire needed to protect the reactor exhaust ports. The first stretch goal is where things get more serious. If the project raises $850,000,000,000,000,000, then work will begin on the actual construction. I know that sounds unbelievable but c’mon a geek can dream big, right?

death-star-plansThere isn’t much detail about the founders of this project. They said, the Death Star will be constructed with only open-source hardware and software to help keep costs low.

As The Register is reporting:

The project’s Kickstarter page says Leicstershire-based is responsible for the project. That domain resolves to the Kickstarter page, but a whois lookup fingers a “UK individual” named Nick Petkovich as the domain’s owner and says it was registered on January 24th.