Inside the Smartphone of a Woman


Today is International Women’s day. On that occasion, I pondered over and over on what articles would make sense to my readers. As I thought more and kept checking my smart phone more , there was a flash – why not tell them what I have on my phone? May be an app or two would help out the busy women mange their busy lives a little better.

Women are wired for multi tasking and nothing beats it than having the most suitable apps at your finger tips.  Not necessarily the best iPhone apps, but the below apps are worth taking a look.

1. Safety – bSafe

IMG_1858A must have app for me.Thankfully I did not get the need to use it until now, however it’s always good to be on the preventive side. Tested this app – as soon as you press the SOS button, the app is busy collecting where you are and then calling your guardian.

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2. Health and Fitness – Webmd, Period Diary, Runkeeper

IMG_1849Period diary allows me to keep track of what’s happening with one of the most important things in my life.  It allows me to set mood and take notes to see how things went in the past. By having data, it is easy to see if things are regular or need any medical intervention.

RunKeeper keeps track of runs, jogs and walk. The best part is walking because on days I don’t workout – I keep this little app running and at the end of the day when you see the number of kilometers walked, you can escape the usual sense of guilt.

Webmd is like wikipedia for health related topics. So, whenever I listen any health related issue, I quickly checkout on this app on what it is about.

3. News – Newshunt, Panchangam, Ndtv

IMG_0314Newshunt is a list of newspapers I can read online for free, includes English and other local languages. For a quick news, I turn to NDTV, which also sends notifications when something worthwhile happens.

For auspicious days and earning brownie points for knowing the festival dates on hand, I lean on Panchangam app.


4.  Organization – Cozi Asia Family Organizer, Expensify

asia cozi family organizer
asia cozi family organizer

For a woman, there is no escape from grocery,  making to-do lists and following up with receipts. I use family organizer to share  things with my husband and we have a shared space to work on.

When a receipt lies unscanned, mostly it means unsettled. I scan receipts with expensify for purchases so that if needed, I do have a breakdown of the expense.


5. Making Calls and Texting Friends – Viber, MobileVoip, Skype

IMG_1851Viber is a must for me as most of my family and friends own a Apple device. I catch up with them for free.
For making calls to my overseas friends, mobilevoip comes to the rescue. Just recharge it, and keep going!

Skype is a catch all app – use it to catch up with colleagues, old friends and make professional calls too. It’s beauty is not in the elegance but the number of people using it.

6. Taking Notes – Evernote, Dropbox, Notelook


For some notes where I like to keep personal, notelook comes handy. I just password protect and scribble whatever is really private. Dropbox to store files to share across multiple sources. Evernote is a catch all again, I use to clip webpages mostly and to store audio and snapshots coming with a particular article on the web.



7. Utilities – Paytm, Railways PNR Status, Airtickets, Battery Doctor, CamScanner, Wikipedia,


Usually, this list will vary from time to time, depending on what is the need of the hour. Paytm to recharge my mobile, Railway PNR Status and Airtickets to keep track if my loved ones arrived/departed on time.

Batterydoctor is a good app where I have frequent powercuts. The app’s smart feature tells me what i should suspend so that my battery life keeps going for some more time.

8. Books & Blogging – Kindle, WordPress


WordPress is my all time favorite app, it allows me to be in touch with the bloggers I like to follow. For my own blog, most of my blogging is done with this app, with required photos coming in from fotos app.

I own a kindle, and this app makes my life much easier. Even if you don’t own one – use this app to download free books and start reading!


9. Games – Subway Surfers, Bubble Shooter, Spider Monkey, Doodle

Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey

These provide the much needed relief. Doodle is good to scribble during boring office meetings and while teaching your kid ABC on the go. Subway Surfers which is a better alternative to Temple Run is what keeps running on my iphone.




Com’on ladies, what’s in your smartphone? Do share with us in the comments.