DTDC Launches DotZot, Dedicated Delivery Network For Indian Ecommerce Companies


E-commerce in India is just starting to grow. We have a long way to go in this department. One of the major issues new e-commerce companies face is with delivery and logistics. This applies mostly to small and medium scale companies.

While bigger companies, that have managed to get several rounds of investment, like Flipkart and Jabong, can manage to have their own delivery network. In fact, having your own delivery network is not an easy task either which is why many established e-commerce companies still don’t have their own delivery network. Its expensive and probably takes away much of the focus from the core e-commerce business.

DTDC has seen opportunity in this and has launched DotZot, India’s first pan-India delivery network exclusively for Indian e-commerce companies. If executed well, this can actually be really helpful for the whole e-commerce scene here in India.


DTDC has a huge advantage here. They are already a very trusted and established player as far as logistics is concerned. If they can manage their prices well so that it suits e-commerce companies, I think we have a good solution to a major problem here.

Dotzot has three different services for e-commerce companies – Express, Economy and Premium services. DotZot Express service will probably be the most-opted service managing to deliver within 2-3 working days. DotZot Economy service will offer best rates while Dotzot premium will offer services like same day or next morning delivery at higher costs.

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There is more to DotZot than just that. They also offer a Collect On Delivery service where they will accept cash payment from the customer on behalf of the e-commerce company and then remit money to them via different options.

DotZot also offers three delivery attempts without surcharge which is great, I guess. Also, they offer warehousing services to companies as well so that they store their inventory, pick and ship their product where and when they want it.

I think this is a great service and smaller companies can take advantage of DTDC’s extensive delivery network.

What do you think?

  • Suhail

    Awesome. I did had a thought, some one like DHL, Fedex or Gati may start may start something like this. DTDC did it. Seriously a brilliant step, needs to be organized and executed well.

    • prateekpanda

      Yes, execution is key. Also, once they announce pricing and other details, it will be interesting to see how many e-commerce startups get ready to give this a try.

  • Awesome

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  • Customer

    One of my courier was supposedly shipped via dotzot. The best thing about the courier company’s evolution is they have really learnt from their mistakes. There is absolutely no contact information on their entire website, advertising except for an email feedback@dotzot.in. There is absolutely no way to communicate with the courier company to track your package, if it’s misplaced!! Awesome. Where should consumers go to?? Whom should they contact? There is no reason to praise them. They are just fooling people. If you have any of their contacts please let me know. I want to talk to these pathetically insane people.!! My package AWB# AWB 700000159608. –In transit for 15 days!!

    • dingitaka

      Contact the e-commerce site support team. DOTZOT is a solution for e-commerce companies. It’s not the front-end service for public. They have DTDC for that.

      Nevertheless, DTDC customer service team can give you information regarding your consignment. As an e-retailer, I find DTDC to be more inexpensive service. But DOTZOT has more advantages, though – such as 3 delivery attempts and prioritized trans-shipment.

  • Kashi Swarnkar

    Seriously awful, not received the parcel even after 2 weeks…. The E-commerce which had selected DotZot as their partner need to re-think/analyse. Are they loosing customers after accepting Dotzot as partner, answer to this question should be published in public 🙂

  • Sanjay Negi

    DTDC has created a great presence in India and that is a outstanding job. And people in India often need the customer care details of DTDC http://www.akosha.com/dtdc-customer-care-759.html to solve out their queries.