Review Of Indian Courier Services For Ecommerce Companies, IndiaPost Tops


We’ve said this time and again that e-commerce is a growing sector in India and one of the major challenges faced by small and medium sized e-commerce companies is logistics.

Last week, we talked about DTDC launching DotZot, its dedicated delivery and logistics service for Indian e-commerce companies. Today, we share an infographic made by Zepo, an Indian SaaS e-commerce platform reviewing some of the Indian courier services.

Zepo did a review of some of the popular domestic courier options in India primarily on the following major criteria:

  1. Pickup facility
  2. Pricing
  3. Cash On Delivery
  4. Service Area
  5. Service Quality
  6. Tracking Facility


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Full details on pricing and ratings on Zepo’s blog.

If you are a small or medium sized e-commerce company in India, then we’d like to hear your experience. Do share your experience through the comments below.

  • We haven’t used only India Post (from the above list) so far. Amongst the others, DTDC, FedEx and Aramex are the only logistic companies which actually tracks the package rather than giving a vague ETA. Among these, FedEx is bit expensive than DTDC and Aramex. DTDC wins the race with its extensive geaographical reach. I personally had two horrible experiences with Aramex won’t recommned it for any start ups.
    Thanks for the post Prateek, as now I have got the information about the India Post. I will surely look forward to meeting and tying up with these guys.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Shaswat. I think, the lack of confidence in government services keep people away from using IndiaPost, but if you consider all aspects of a courier service, I think they are actually the best. Only if they could make themselves for approachable.

  • DTDC actually is not a great option for startup’s because they have a minimum billing system. When I got in touch with them for my startup they said the minimum billing is 50K…now tell me which startup can afford 50K …It took me ages to get to the right person and then he said he will send me all the details via email…till date I haven’t received the details from them…I am using Aramex and First flight and both of them are pretty descent…I would not recommend DTDC to anyone

    • Thanks for sharing your experience @hirenb:disqus. Have you read our post on DTDC’s new service exclusively for e-comm companies:

      • I beg to differ here, my company has been using DTDC since the last two years now. We have just spreaded to multi city pick up points. I must reveal that we were never asked to exercise any minimum billing. Yeah they had one condition earlier that only in case our number of courier exceeds 15 per month, they would send their courier boy to pick up from our godown/office, or else we would have to drop off at their collection centres. DTDC were the first with which we started doing business and so far we are quite satisfied withy their services.

        • I read the DotZot, well sounds really promising. I will surely make it a point to check out with our associates from the DTDC regarding the tariff structure.
          Thanks again Prateek for the invaluable information and most importantly providing a platform for new entrepreneurs like us to have a discussion. 🙂

          • DotZot looks really promising to me too. Please share information with our audience as well in case you get to know more.

            And thanks a lot for the appreciation. It is these words from young entrepreneurs like you that pushes us to work better. 🙂

        • Well, I can say that as a consumer I have been happy with the service DTDC provides. In fact, there have been a couple of occasions when I have ordered something and it came through Aramex or First Flight, and sadly, I have never had a good experience with them.

          • Prateek you may have had a good experience with them..but I guess you started to work with them 2 years ago …when they had few ecomm clients….but when I approached them 3 months ago they were very rude & behaved as if they didn’t want anymore clients…the sales manager from Mumbai said 50K minimum billing…so this discussion is completely dependent on personal experience…my personal experience with them as been BAD..

          • @hirenb:disqus , buddy I don’t think they are allowed to do that. Maybe the Manager is trying something here. Is it possible for you to try a different center? Or is that the only one you have?

          • I may try to approach a different branch…but Prateek do you know how much they charge for packages below 500 grams and how much they charge for COD?

          • Well, they have different pricing schemes depending on distance but I guess it ranges between Rs 65-90. It is slightly pricier than others. Am I right, @facebook-100001057321617:disqus ?

          • Thanks Prateek…I will give it a try…nice update though 🙂

          • Hi Hiren, even i would go with Prateek’s suspicion about the motive of the particular DTDC manager you are dealing with. You must take up this issue with their head office and state that you have your friend (me) associated with DTDC, Odisha. When he wasn’t given any minimum billing then why to me?? Its time for us youth to stand up and speak out.
            Another point, you know Hiren, in my times (although it wasn’t that a history 🙂 ) even if ecomm orgs were less and now more, thst should interest any courier services even more, right? Their prices should be more competative.
            Lastly, don’t worry I have asked for a quotation with my associated at the DTDC about the dotzot. Let us try dotzot apart from of course India Post. Choices are plenty nowadays.

          • For 500 gms they have this range (as shown by prateek). They have a slab from 0-100gms then 101-250 gms then 251-500 gms and so on. Prices are different for sending through airway and roadway.In case of larger cartons Gati is more preferable than DTDC. Thats how we do. Again Gati is another courier service which ‘tracks’ the packages. They actually have come up big time in their interface now after tying up with a Japanese companies.

          • Thank You Shaswat….I will definitely give dotzot & India post a try…Yes I have talked to the guys from Gati…they are quite good…however they a bit expensive…so I may decide to use them in the near future..take care…

        • Shaswat you may have had a good experience with them..but I guess you started to work with them 2 years ago …when they had few ecomm clients….but when I approached them 3 months ago they were very rude & behaved as if they didn’t want anymore clients…the sales manager from Mumbai said 50K minimum billing…so this discussion is completely dependent on personal experience…my personal experience with them as been BAD…

    • I think DTDC actually has tremendous potential here especially because of their reach. So, maybe if they can work out a better price point this time, it will help many e-comm companies.

    • Maggi Goofy Curly

      True DTDC is like some lighting speed shipment and if u cnt pay 50K den you r out, plus dotzot is a part of DTDC i have quotes and dey too r not so good

    • I am trying to contact Aramex and Frist Flight but no one is replying 🙁
      I basically need COD. for prepaid order I am using Overnite express and they are doing very well. But they don’t have COD option. Any Suggestions?

  • Vikas

    This does’nt have Delhivery? This is half cooked research.

    • Delivery is a broad term. The heading Service will help you understand the same.

  • Jeevesh Ranjan

    All right so I am starting a brand new Tshirt business and looking for COD option for my tees. I guess India Post is the way to go for start-ups, everyone else has a minimum billing criteria if I’m not wrong. Any more advise Prateek?

  • Tyzoon Presswala

    I have been using Professional Couriers but I must they are a big disappointment. Also they do not provide Cash on Delivery option. As a result of which, I have been losing customers. Therefore, I am bound to provide on CoD option to customers ordering from cities we have our physical presence. The only reason I chose Professional was because of their prices. Have requested a quote from Dotzot. Hope its within my budget. Don’t mind spending 15-20% more as long as its good. Also, Thanks for this wonderful post!

    • Did you got any reply from Dotzot. Are they providing COD. I am desperately looking for COD providers.

  • Maggi Goofy Curly

    blazeflash is also a good name its very very cheap but has a poor tracking service and customer service on phone. I’m using it and tracking is so pathetic but when it comes to pricing its only rs10 for 250gms including tax in delhi for ncr is 14.50INR and dats aweesome

  • Clear review. Waiting for the next review with some more courier services like

  • Adithyan

    Good job guys…

  • mohit bhandari

    HI All.
    i am starting my cod business shortly,for this professional site is under construction. i have no idea about orders means initially how many orders i will get in starting. can anyone help which co. i have to approach for cod system. is they do any legal bond agreement? is there any condition from courier company e.g minimum 50 or 100 orders should move etc. frnds pls guide

  • V

    Bluedart is the worst company in the world never contract with them

  • Guest

    Pls contact for parcel delivery at Jaipur on regular basis contact me 09462943942

  • vishu Garg

    waybill no. 40679540403.

    Shipment was from Anand bazaar india, the shipment was booked on 17th Sep from Mumbai and it reached Ghaziabad on 22nd Sep. This is fine but while I was tracked my courier on 22nd Sep at 4 PM apprx. the courier was out for delivery from the same day morning, but no one reached my home neither any one contacted me on my no.

    Instead of trying the delivery for the next day they marked address not found at 2 pm in the afternoon of 22nd Sep, and on 23red Sep they returned my shipment to the seller with being it my knowledge. After seeing that I contacted Aramex cus. care you name them bunch of idiots. When I asked them for the reason of non- delivery, they have not any answer and said they can help me in this matter and thae shipment was returned because the shipper asked them to do so REALLY. I said I will make their complaint to seniors than he said PLEASE SIR DON’T DO THIS. But I wrote 2 mails to their complaint departments of which 1st mail is replied with the answer that your shipment was returned GOOD ANSWER. 2nd— NO reply. Pathetic.

    After 2 days I receive a call from their Mumbai branch in which I was confirmed that I will get my parcel back till monday i.e., 29th Sep. but not receive till date. I was also confirmed that this was a mistake they apologise for that and my complaint ticket remains open untill I confirm the receipt of the product delivery. BUT NO DELIVERY YET NEITHER ANY UPDATE.

    Conclusion.ARAMEX COURIER group of fraud peoples. Please be warn if you purchase anything online check for the courier company first, and make sure it will not be ARAMAEX.

  • Ann

    Could you please let me know does Indian Post provide us with the service Multi Point Pickup for ecommerce tie-ups?