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Online shopping is on rise in India more than ever. Clothes, jewellery, baby products and lot of other unknown things as well. But, too much of good thing is bad. With the rise of so many eCommerce stores, it is becoming increasingly time consuming for the end user to get the product at the best deal. You buy at a online store, but still wonder – could the other online store be cheaper? Is there any new player in this market I could try?  BuyHatke, currently in Beta +  elegantly solves this issue for all of us.

HeaderBuyHatke is a dynamic product and price discovery platform.The website dynamically grabs results from various online shopping portals and provides the best deal to the customer who can then be redirected to the shopping portal offering the best deal and completes the purchase. Once you search a product, the BuyHatke platform provides recommendations on what you might probably like. It also makes Social Sharing possible by allowing the user to login with their Facebook account.

They also have a Chrome Extension. When you find any interesting product on an eCommerce website, right click and select “Search via Compare Hatke”. It opens up a new screen with comparisons with all other eCommerce websites.

BuyHatke has been in press from quite some time now with an impressive list of media mentions to be found here. homepage

What do we think of BuyHatke?

We have tried the search with various products and found that the results come back within 10-25 seconds. It is pretty good, comparing the amount of dynamic data the platform has to sift before giving the results.   If something is interesting, you can add it to “Wish list”.

The slider showing the minimum and maximum amounts is very innovative. It is intuitive to the user and is definitely an eye pleaser compared to the checkboxes we are used to. Also, the Chrome extension is a winner here.

The only complaint I have with BuyHatke is,when I search for a mobile –  it starts all over from mobile case, mobile accessories to mobile. It will take time for user to adjust the price range and see what options are available. If the platform can understand what exactly the user is searching rather than provide him with every single option under the sun, this platform will go places.

Do give a try and let us know your feedback.

  • Good coverage. There are many amazing features that can be covered in the extension. This link has the details. Do try it out. We would definitely try and correct the thing that is mentioned about mobiles.

    • Saraswathi Pulluru

      Thanks Gaurav. This app will definitely make our lifes much easier.

  • Arkriti

    Nice article 😀 , Search engine from India That awesome, India is getting technically advanced, Best of BuyHatke !