Government of India to Host Hackathon in April


Well, the Indian Government is starting to understand the potential of internet and has also started to value the opinion of citizens. Finance Minister P Chidambaram hosted a Google+ hangout after the annual budget to get popular views. Last week, the Planning Commission hosted a Google+ Hangout to discuss the 12th Five Year Plan.

The US Government had hosted a hackathon at the White House recently. Now, the Indian Government is taking another step forward by hosting a hackathon to help frame the 12th Five Year Plan. The National Innovation Council and the Planning Commission have come together with some of the best institutions in the country to organize this. The intention is to “Hack the Plan” over a 2-day period, create out-of-this-world visualizations of the future, tell the next big story in a myriad ways and build apps to fuel the change.


Who can participate?

Anyone can. There are no restrictions of age or professions when it comes to participants. You can bring your team along but keep the number restricted to four.

What do you have to do?

You are expected to create visualizationsshort films or applications which will help the 12th Five Year Plan. You can submit multiple entries in either the same category or in different categories.

Registrations will open on 22nd March. The hackathon will be hosted on April 6th and 7th in multiple cities. You can check out more details here:

  • Suhail

    sounds exciting.