What Twitter and Pinterest Know About DevOps That You Don’t


Twitter and Pinterest are two brilliant examples “DevOps,” a relatively new way of building and releasing web apps at increasingly high speed.

DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals. DevOps is a response to the interdependence of software development and IT operations. It aims to help an organization rapidly produce software products and services.

Companies with very frequent releases may require a DevOps awareness or orientation. Flickr developed DevOps capability to support a business requirement of ten deployments per day; this daily deployment cycle would be much higher at organizations producing multi-focus or multi-function applications. This is referred to as continuous deployment or continuous delivery and is frequently associated with the lean startup methodology. 

According to a new report by IT automation provider Puppet Labs, 63 percent of companies are now using at least some DevOps methodology. Companies that do, ship code a staggering 30 times more often than companies that don’t, and accomplish that rapid turnover with 50 percent fewer errors.