Use AngelList’s ‘Salaries & Equity’ Tool To Find Tech Jobs and Compare Salaries


Usually it is easy to get statistics and data on salaries and compensations of employees working in larger organisations. But when it comes to startups, that can be a little bit of a problem.

The good news is that folks at AngelList have compiled a simply excellent set of data in graphable form to allow you to run queries based on skill, role, location, salary, and equity. The data is taken from the current jobs listings and allows you to not only search for openings but also let’s you compares salaries and compensations.

The following shows the job openings plus salary ranges for a Developer specializing in Ruby On Rails based in San Francisco.



You can also search for jobs by filtering according to equity offered.



If you click on any of the graphs, you are served the list of jobs that are component to the displayed data:


Go ahead, look for greener pastures!