Malaysia Adopts Google Apps and Chromebook To Reform Its National Education System

Google Apps Malaysia

Google, through the use of its technology, has been involved with many nations to bring about development by better use of technology. Today, the company announced that Malaysia is adopting Google Apps for 10 million students, teachers, and parents.

Google Apps Malaysia


In addition to that, primary and secondary schools are receiving Chromebooks to not only support the students, but also the country’s efforts to reform its educational system.

Felix Lin, Director of Product Management at Google, writes that Malaysia’s efforts to upgrade its educational system weren’t an easy one. To deploy technology across the country, computers needed to be simple, manageable, and secure — something Lin says was reflective of the Google Chromebook.

In research sponsored by Google, research firm IDC found that Chromebooks yield three-year cost of ownership savings of $1,135 per device compared to traditional PCs or tablets, require 69% fewer hours to deploy and 92% fewer hours to manage.

Google says more than 3,000 schools worldwide, from Edina, Minnesota to Point England, New Zealand, have deployed Chromebooks to improve attendance and graduation ratesmake learning more fun and enable students to take more ownership for their learning.

Google says that Malaysia’s announcement today is indicative of a movement by school systems to recognize the power of the Web in education. It’s not only one school that is adopting this, but an entire country — it cites the Philippines as an example.

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