Now Reschedule Your Flights Online with Cleartrip

cleartrip change flights

I am definitely happy to hear this, although I hardly use Cleartrip for my bookings. Nonetheless, I am sure this is a relief for a lot of customers as rescheduling a flight booked online was always a pain.

The normal process was to call the customer care, wait for several minutes, provide numerous amount of detail and finally after a lot of effort you would be told the extra amount and if you agree they’ll reschedule.

The bigger issue with most players today is that you have to basically cancel your ticket and book another one. But, thanks to Cleartrip, all that trouble is gone.

According to the blog post on their site, they have become the first we are the first online travel agent in India, and probably the first in the world, to offer fully online flight modifications and cancellations.

How does it work?

Be it any form of itinerary modification – date change, flight change, time change, changes for select passengers, changes for select sectors, changes for select passengers on select sectors – with Cleartrip, it’s all just a few clicks away. All you need to do is log in to your Cleartrip Account, click on the ‘Change flights’ icon, and change the booking online in a flash.

cleartrip change flights


You’ll need to choose alternate travel dates for the onward journey and/or the return journey, and select the passengers for whom you want to change flights.

The flights are sorted in increasing order of the difference you need to pay to make the changes, and you can choose any flight of any airline you want. And if the fare on your chosen flight is lower than what you paid earlier (plus the airline amendment fees), you’ll get a refund for the difference.

After doing appropriate changes, you can confirm the booking, make payments if any and get new tickets emailed to you instantly on your email.

Once you have completed the process, you should get following confirmation screen from Cleartrip.



All this will take only a couple of minutes. Moreover, Cleartrip has waved off amendment fees of Rs 300 for itinerary changes done online.

This is awesome, good job Cleartrip!

  • Suhail

    I have used cleartrip previously, but faced issues while using their mobile apps, i liked, its fast and they directly connect you to the airways.

  • Jenny Rose Beato

    Is this only applicable when you’re in India! Im here in Dubai and been trying to reschedule the flight I booked, and it doesn’t work. The customer service number cuts when I get to the point that Im supposed to be transferred to a representative to speak to me. It makes me helpless. Just cancelled the first flight and after more than 48 hrs, nothing has been refunded as it promised. Been trying to reschedule the returning flight, and every options just sucks!