Facebook Updates Messenger With New Chat Heads Feature


The social networking giant Facebook is improving and updating the Facebook very intelligently. Just before the arrival of Facebook Home, the Facebook chat heads are out for Facebook messenger for Android. This intelligent feature of messenger will attract more people towards Facebook.


The Chat Heads are basically Instant Messenger shortcuts or popups when your messages arrive on messenger, this will allow you to jump to conversation witout leaving your current app. This feature of Facebook will let you connect with friends all the time and allow you to instantly reply to conversation if you’re busy using some other apps too. It also gives you an option to dismiss a conversation by swiping it down from chat heads message. If you find it too irritating you can disable it from app settings.

This feature is very innovative and will bring some more interest for Facebook users and appears to be turning in to an addictive feature very soon.

You can also get this feature by downloading messenger or updating it from google play store.