How Pinterest Crushes Facebook [Infographic]


Understanding what people do on different social networks is the key to effectively using those networks for marketing. But with so many social networks competing to grab marketing dollars, determining the most effective channels can be extremely difficult. To illustrate, let’s look at how Facebook and Pinterest stack up against one another.

1. Pinterest has a higher concentration of people who are in a ‘buy’ state of mind, while Facebook users are more interested in interacting with friends – and brands.

2.  Facebook’s strength is relationship-building, noting that many lightweight interactions over time can help promote brands.

3. BloomReach’s analysis of total traffic – 46,277,543 site visits – for a set of retail clients from Sept. 20 through Dec. 31, 2012 gave the following results:

  • Pinterest traffic spent 60% more than did traffic coming from Facebook.
  • Pinterest traffic converted to a sale 22% more than Facebook.
  • Facebook traffic bounced 90% of the time, compared to 75% for Pinterest.
  • Facebook users viewed an average of 1.6 pages. Pinterest users saw an average of 2.9 pages – an 81% difference.

4. If a company’s goal is to simply reach a larger audience to create or maintain brand awareness, Facebook remains the best option.