Making a Fashion Statement : Smartphone Jeans? Hell Yeah!


Smartphone JeansI am pretty sure all of you have gone through the new troll making rounds on Facebook that says Samsung must start making new jeans in order to accommodate their new phones in the pockets. Well, we know that jeans and smartphones are not a dynamic duo, not by a long shot. Who hasn’t had the yucky experience of excavating a smartphone out of a pair of bootcut or skinny jeans, or feeling the device poking you in the butt when you sit down?

You could give up on denim and go with cargo pants 24/7 — for all the roomy, low-hung pockets your legs can handle — but there’s an alternative: The First Edition Jeans with I/O Pocket, the 100-percent-cotton men’s jeans with a dedicated smart-phone compartment. Maybe the Gods heard our prayers after all!

The challenge with designing clothing that stashes gadgets is always the bulk or fit, particularly when it comes to large-screen phones. But I/O Denim manages to keep the tailoring slim by putting the smart-phone pocket in the side seam. The placement is smart, isn’t it? It’s further away from your butt, so it won’t take the brunt of your weight if you sit on it. And unlike the front pocket, it’s relaxed, which means you won’t have to dig like crazy. The space can fit smart-phones with screens measuring up to 4.8-inches. Sorry phablet owners! We will have to wait until new jeans are designed for you.

As for the style, it only comes in dark indigo for now, though hopefully the company will come out with a worn or faded version before long. And the slim fit is described as landing somewhere between skinny and straight leg. Pretty cool, bro.

Again, this is only for men right now. (That’s just as well. As a girl I can confidently say that most of us would rather not add anything extra to our thighs, thankyouverymuch.) If you’re interested, the I/O Denim jeans sells for $115, and comes in four sizes: 32 x 34, 33 x 34, 34 x 34, or 36 x 34.

  • Saraswathi Pulluru

    Good Article Akriti. I will agree with you on not needing these kind of smart phone jeans 🙂