Google Glass May Support SMS and Navigation on iOS

Google glasses project

Google glasses project

Though Google Glass relies on a smartphone to perform more complex tasks, the technology is exciting because it (mostly) introduces a hands-free experience. That means snapping photos, checking appointments and sharing content without putting a hand on the device in your pocket. However, only Android users are currently able to enjoy the harmony of SMS and navigation support; iPhone owners are cut off. For now.

According to TechCrunch, who recently spoke to a Google rep, support for the iPhone will go beyond basic Bluetooth pairing, meaning Apple fans will be able to enjoy turn-by-turn directions and text messages. In fact, the Google employee suggested Glass may handle those functions independent of mobile platform, and possibly independent of any app. Right now, Glass owners using Android are required to download the MyGlass companion app for directions and SMS to work.

Glass, though already making plenty of progress thanks to developers, is still very young, and an actual consumer-wide release isn’t expected until 2014. With that said, seeing full support for devices outside of Google’s ecosystem always seemed inevitable. After all, we already know the search giant isn’t shy about playing in enemy territory.

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