Why iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3 Tied in Web Traffic Usage Share

iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S3
iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S3
The most prominent manufacturers of smartphones are definitely Samsung and Apple. Both the companies are synonymous with quality and reliability. The features offered by them are pretty much the same and vary only to the minutest of details. Everything from the high class HD display right down to the inner components is just perfect and needs no modifications as such. All this makes it really tough to choose between the world’s most distinguished smartphones, namely iPhone 5 by Apple and Samsung Galaxy S3.
iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3 may be similar in terms of components. The OS systems are different yet offer pretty much the same features, which is why they are often compared on a side by side basis. Despite this the iOS and the Android platforms are still caught up in a fierce battle with both parties holding strong. Experts believe that the battle will not end anytime soon because the fans of both operating systems are present in millions across the globe.
Recently, a survey was conducted that analyzed the web traffic that came from both Apple and Samsung products. The research particularly focused on the number of users who surf the internet on either the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 was launched sometime after the Samsung Galaxy hit the market, but a longer user trial followed it than that for the Samsung’s Galaxy S3.
According to the results, iPhone 5 is used by almost 56% people whereas Samsung Galaxy S3 is used by 44% people. If you take a look at the actual figures, approximately 149.7 million iPhone devices have been sold as indicated by another survey, which is probably why iPhone 5 is slightly more popular. Another research conducted in a different region concludes that iPhone 5 shares 51% of the web traffic and Samsung Galaxy is characterized by 49% of the internet traffic. These stats intensify the competition even further.
As you can see, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 have a fairly close competition. The following reasons can perhaps account for this.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date
The launch date set for Galaxy S4 is March 14, 2013, which is really close on the calendar. Everyone likes to have their hands on the latest products in the market so when the release gets nearer, the sales of the existing models go down considerably. On the other hand, Apple has not even announced the release date for their next model in the iPhone product line which is why the sales of iPhone 5 are still going pretty strong in the market
The iPhone 5 features the all new Retina Display screen which results in an exceptional screen quality and vivid colors on the screen. Samsung Galaxy S3 HD offers the Super AMOLED which is amazing, but the iPhone 5 screen gives a better output.
The costs associated with any cellular operator or mobile broadband plan largely depend on the type of plan you choose. It could be that iPhone 5 users are somewhat wiser and carefully select a plan so that they incur the minimum possible costs. Since the bills are low, the internet is used more. In contrast to this, if Samsung Galaxy S3 users are not selecting the right plans, they might not be using the internet much because of the high costs. After all, choosing a wrong plan does result in a significant upswing in the monthly bills, and hence you should consider all possible options.
The Bottom Line
You cannot really compare the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, and thus figure out accurate reasons as to why the stats related to their web traffic are neck to neck. The iPhone 5 may be more user friendly and robust, but Samsung Galaxy S3 fans will never agree to this. Both devices offer many games to those who while their time away by tapping onto their smartphones and both offer similar media options for those who plug in their headphones the whole day
In a nutshell, there is no clear winner because the differences are only slight.
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