How to Sell Videos Online: Viddler Announces Standalone Video Subscription Service



Online video solutions provider, Viddler today announced a standalone version of its online video subscription service. Viddler Subscriptions is a complete “video store in a box” solution for small businesses, educational organizations, and entertainers who want to sell their video content on line.

“Online video is taking over the high-end video entertainment industry, but there hasn’t been much available to the little guy,” said Viddler CEO Tom Stine . “What we’ve done is make it easy and affordable for everyone else (those businesses, authors, trainers, and creators who aren’t major video distributors). You don’t have to be Netflix or Comcast to sell your video content online.”

The Basics

Viddler Subscriptions will be available for a monthly fee instead of a revenue percentage. Video upload is a simple, one-click process. Video libraries can easily be organized and priced, and subscription levels managed, via a secure login. Video content—encoded and optimized for viewing in a customizable player—is hosted in Viddler’s secure cloud storage. Secure payment is handled via PayPal.

Stine continued, “There is a real business need here. Creating video for training or entertainment purposes has never been easier, but actually selling it has been a problem. With Viddler Subscriptions, video content creators can set a fair price, and offer high-quality content to their customers, constituents, and fans.”