Good News For Indian SMBs – Google Apps for Business Prices Slashed


India is home to around 47 million small businesses, yet only 1% — around 500,000 — are online. To help more SMBs come online, Google is now offering incentives by slashing prices to almost half.

The Internet not only provides SMBs with a way to promote their services through websites or digital advertising, it also gives them access to secure and flexible cloud based communication and collaboration tools like Google Apps for Business.

New and existing customers based in India will now pay INR 150 per user per month if they’re on the Flexible Plan and INR 1500 per user per year on the Annual Plan.

Google very well understands that India has tremendous market potential. Moreover, Google also knows India is a price conscious market. Keeping these in mind, Google wants to have more business come online and hence is offering exclusive prices only in India.

Earlier, Google charged USD 5 dollars per user per month or 50 dollars a year. In Indian rupees they charged Rs. 250 per month and Rs. 2500 per year. However the as per the new pricing Indian SMBs will be charged only Rs. 150 per user per month or Rs. 1500 per year.

Here is the new rate card.



Google Apps offers easy solutions for web mail, calendars, cloud storage, and video meetings through Google’s consumer products, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. These tools work together seamlessly and all that’s needed to get up and running is an Internet-connected device. Companies can securely access all their data and services from a mobile phone including Android, iOS, or BlackBerry platforms.

I have been using Google Apps for more than 6 years now. Earlier, Google used to provide 100 mailboxes free which has now been drastically reduced so as to encourage more businesses to sign up for paid services.

Honestly, this is a great time to move on to Google Apps for Business. If you have been thinking over it, go ahead and get it.

  • Ranga

    Why do you want to pay even 1500 bucks per user to google, when windows live is offering 500 mailboxes including skydrive, calendar, etc, etc for FREE ???

  • Amit Kumar

    You can also go which is offering google apps in low cost.

  • Amit Kumar

    Just search googleapps east delhi and you will find first result.